Starvie Aquila Space PRO 2021 Padel Racquet

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It is made entirely of carbon, which is more demanding, but will provide power for the advanced player.
The technologies present, such as Core Aquila, will bring a lot of power to this racquet, while the Reinforcement Torsion System will significantly improve the comfort of this model.
The teardrop shape will offer a good power to control ratio. The light weight (350-385g) will offer great maneuverability for more responsiveness and easier racquet head speed.
This racquet will be perfect for advanced players looking for power and maneuverability.

Weight: 350-385 Grams
Balance: Medium
Head Shape: Tear Drop
Beam: 38mm
Core Composition: 100% Carbon
Frame Composition: Carbon
Ability Level: Advanced
Cover: No

  • Carbon Fiber: 100% carbon composition for outstanding all-around performance and durability.
  • Aquila Core: technology at throat allowing you to find better stability and response at contact.
  • Extreme Spot: Technology that enlarges the size of the sweet spot to limit the effects of off-center hits.
  • Reinforcement Torsion System: system at throat eliminating unwanted vibrations for comfort.

Made in Spain